Aims And Beliefs

Key Aims.

To support organisations in promoting the capacity for resilience and growth in parents who have experienced the death of their child at any age, in whatever circumstances and no matter how long ago.
To support member organisations to improve the standard of bereavement care in relation to the death of a child in a way that maximises the use and accessibility of available resources, reduces unnecessary duplication and promotes sharing of best practise.
To increase understanding of the unique nature and impact of the death of a child without pathologising or labelling.


We believe that information, guidance and support offered to parents who experience the death of their child should:

Increase understanding of the unique nature of the death of a child and the multiplicity of losses within that experience.

  1. Respect and acknowledge bereaved parents and their immediate social situation, their culture, language, beliefs and religious background.
  2. Promote understanding of the potential differences in the way men and women grieve to facilitate communication between parents and within the family.
  3. Be responsive to the individuality of every loss and every bereaved parent’s grief, respecting and acknowledging the needs, views and opinions of bereaved parents.
  4. Promote understanding and raise awareness of the needs of bereaved parents within the workplace and the community.
  5. Recognise the need for a range of support provision, both peer and professional, that reflects the long-term nature of the impact of this loss.